old trafford community garden

12:53 22/02/2013

A little late; some pictures from the launch of the Old Trafford Community Garden on January 12th. A brilliant example of a very simple idea that will make a huge difference to a community blighted by fly-tipping. I should know – the garden is situated at the end of the street I used to live […]

other writing

21:54 21/02/2013

I’ve written Manchester A-Z guides for airline magazines; spent a night on the beat in Liverpool to see how their police work for Specials magazine; covered the latest issues in journalism for The Journalist magazine; and written about regeneration in Manchester for Gay Times. I’ve also provided housing content for youth information site The Site, […]

inside housing

20:50 21/02/2013

I have been a freelance contributor to respected social housing weekly Inside Housing since 2010. I have written on subjects as diverse as housing advice for sex workers; tenants’ rights; social enterprise support; tower blocks for the elderly; social housing-funded academies; safety standards, youth exchanges, job swaps, and the protection of the welsh language.

the kibbutz

17:28 21/02/2013

albion high school

11:38 21/02/2013

Teaching four classes of various ages across five weeks, this project worked with Albion High School, Salford, and Curriculum Plus to use journalism to enrich learning. Based on the constraint of conducting a five-minute interview, one group questioned staff across the school community on a number of issues, editing them into audio interviews. Another developed […]

kingsley primary school

15:29 20/02/2013

As part of the Good Society project run by CTBI, I taught a group of 30 Year 5 pupils at Kingsley Primary School, Toxteth, Liverpool in April 2012. The project was designed to help the pupils learn basic journalism skills to enable them to report on what is ‘good’ about Toxteth, thereby overturning some of […]

cravenwood primary school

14:04 20/02/2013

In February 2011, I was commissioned to teach journalism skills to a group of Year 6 pupils at Cravenwood Primary School, in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. The school was being redeveloped, and the idea was to support children to report on their school community and the new building. In addition, the paper was also designed to […]