harder and harder times

13:32 22/05/2013

Piece from this week’s Big Issue in the North about the sorry case of the closure of Salford’s Narrowgate shelter; a confusion over whether night shelters should receive housing benefits led to a tragic situation where dozens of rough sleepers were left with nowhere to go. Thankfully a public outcry has led to a semi-reprieve […]

sudan’s agenda for change

19:43 14/05/2013

How the British Council aims to empower ordinary people in Sudan – some words from my recent trip to the country to see the work of the Active Citizens programme.

small steps

20:29 13/05/2013

Active Citizens, the British Council programme I’ve been documenting, recently took me to Gedaref and Kassala, in the east of Sudan. There, Active Citizens has been used to train communities on how to design and implement their own ‘social action’ projects. These include tree planting programmes; gas canister rental schemes; renovation of youth centres; installation […]

equal exchange

15:03 03/05/2013

Spent the day photographing and interviewing children and staff at Hambleton Primary School as they welcomed two teachers from Zambia. The event was part of a Connecting Classrooms exchange, run by the British Council to encourage greater cultural awareness and understanding between schools in the UK and the rest of the world. Pictured is Muwa […]

making ends meet

14:34 01/05/2013

Heartened by the comments on my latest piece for the Guardian Northerner about benefits sanctions….click here to read. Another version was also published in the Big Issue in the North.    

serbia stories

13:38 01/05/2013

Some pictures (out of the hundreds taken) from my week spent documenting a group of participants visiting Serbia with the British Council’s Active Citizens leadership scheme in February. This trip was different to the previous months’ visit to the Outer Hebrides; the group were mostly British and Serbian, and all were significantly younger. Many had […]