fashion forward

21:38 08/10/2015

It’s really fantastic to see that GMB have launched a dedicated campaign to get workers to start demanding decent conditions and pay at the ASOS warehouse in Barnsley. I first wrote about this issue back in 2013 in both Equal Times and Big Issue in the North; earlier this year it was also in Vice. […]

charity begins at home

21:09 08/10/2015

Always great to work with Smoke Creatives on Here, the Shelter supporter mag. They sent me to one of Shelter’s furniture shops in Birmingham. I was delighted to discover that six members of the same family – over three generations – work and volunteer in the shop, reflecting the dedication that Shelter inspires.

journey of faith

20:21 08/10/2015

I’ve recently returned from the Greek/ Macedonian border, where I was documenting the refugee and migrant crisis. I was travelling with a delegation of senior UK church leaders, part of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. What I will always remember from the trip was the woman in the centre of this picture, Diana. Amid […]