Manchester one love

15:21 15/06/2017

When a major disaster like the Manchester attacks happen, freelance journalists get phone calls from people they have never worked for before. I got one from They wanted a piece detailing the experiences of young women caught up in the bombing. You can read it here. It was a humbling experience which gave me […]


15:37 26/04/2017

Just a gorgeous, very touching experience interviewing Maxine, 85, and her daughter for the Alzheimer’s Society magazine. A brilliant poet, Maxine’s dementia means she cannot perform even the most simple tasks. Yet with just a little prompting, the words came tumbling out. Picture courtesy of Mark Pinder.

fashion forward

21:38 08/10/2015

It’s really fantastic to see that GMB have launched a dedicated campaign to get workers to start demanding decent conditions and pay at the ASOS warehouse in Barnsley. I first wrote about this issue back in 2013 in both Equal Times and Big Issue in the North; earlier this year it was also in Vice. […]

charity begins at home

21:09 08/10/2015

Always great to work with Smoke Creatives on Here, the Shelter supporter mag. They sent me to one of Shelter’s furniture shops in Birmingham. I was delighted to discover that six members of the same family – over three generations – work and volunteer in the shop, reflecting the dedication that Shelter inspires.

journey of faith

20:21 08/10/2015

I’ve recently returned from the Greek/ Macedonian border, where I was documenting the refugee and migrant crisis. I was travelling with a delegation of senior UK church leaders, part of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. What I will always remember from the trip was the woman in the centre of this picture, Diana. Amid […]

I have a voice

13:27 10/08/2015

It was a privilege to interview Sarah Wilson, a survivor of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal who has waived her anonymity to speak out about her experiences. An extremely strong and unbelievably brave individual. The piece is out in this week’s Big Issue in the North.

socially housed

12:34 10/08/2015

I’ve been a busy bee working with Inside Housing, writing a couple of supplements – the first about procurement, the second off-site construction….. I also covered the Chartered Institute of Housing annual conference, writing features about both the Social Value Act and the ways in which the housing sector uses social media.

urban stretch

12:16 10/08/2015

Lots of updates due……latest piece for Waterfront, the Canal & River Trust mag, was a lovely day spent with Birmingham photographer Andrew Jackson asking the good people of the Midlands why they love their canals.  

locks and lime mortar

15:47 24/03/2015

The result of a lovely day spent with Anna Moore, heritage skills apprentice with the Canal & River Trust. The piece was used for the Trust’s Waterfront magazine and website. Never has restoration been quite so fashionable.  

riots update

15:04 03/03/2015

During my time covering the riots of 2011 for the Guardian’s Reading the Riots project, I was tasked with interviewing defence lawyers for their views about the harsh sentences handed out to rioters. All of them expressed concern about the length and manner in which sentences were handed out; the fact bail was routinely refused; […]


14:41 03/03/2015

A belated few images from a fascinating week spent in Jordan in November last year documenting the British Council’s Active Citizens programme. We visited some great projects; Jordan’s Deaf Hub, where the country’s neglected deaf population are finally getting the support and training they deserve to be fully integrated members of society. The Jordanian National […]

active citizens

19:20 29/01/2015

In 2014, I wrote the Active Citizens annual report for the British Council, which documents a year in the life of this social leadership programme. It features stories of social action from Syria to Pakistan to the UK;  and describes the way Active Citizens is delivered, through case studies, photographs and interviews. See the full […]


17:47 29/01/2015

I have recently returned from Pakistan, where I was documenting the work of the British Council’s Active Citizens programme, together with social leaders from six different countries. We visited the Christian village of Shanti Nagar to see inter-faith initiatives being run by local pastor Abdul Masih and Muslim leader Zahid Bashir. On February 6, 1997, […]

‘our language is fighting for survival’

20:38 28/01/2015

A fascinating debate – as Welsh slowly declines as a community language, should Welsh speakers be given preferential treatment on housing waiting lists? And should private developments be halted if they are unaffordable for locals?

making childhood matter

13:26 06/10/2014

The Big Issue in the North asked me to write a supplement, in partnership with the international charity ActionAid, to publicise their work tackling child poverty and encourage people to become child sponsors. I wrote and sourced all the articles and case studies, and worked with a designer to create an engaging format for the […]

global dimensions

13:00 06/10/2014

In 2010, I was commissioned by the Lancashire Global Education Centre to edit and write their Global Dimensions magazine, featuring stories of how schools can include international issues and learning in their teaching. The magazine was used as a resource for schools throughout the North West.

leading by experience

18:26 01/10/2014

My contribution to the latest edition of Here, the homelessness charity Shelter’s supporter magazine. You can read all about the project covered in the piece, Inspiring Change Manchester, here.

legal issue

15:46 23/09/2014

Legal Aid cuts force the 37-year old South Manchester Law Centre to close…..latest from the Big Issue in the North.

rent check

14:14 23/09/2014

An update from August – wrote these two cheery pieces for youth information site, erm ‘The Site’ about help with rent & what to look for before you rent a property….

stories against stigma

10:37 23/09/2014

I was commissioned by Church Action on Poverty and Oxfam to train a group of people on benefits to talk about the reality of life lived at the sharp end of welfare reform. These spokespeople would then powerfully challenge the current scrounger/ skiver narrative. As well as receiving coverage in the Independent newspaper, the group […]

church action on poverty

09:52 23/09/2014

I wrote, edited and researched the ‘Drowning in Debt’ report for Church Action on Poverty (CAP). The report focuses on the little known buy-as-you-rent sector, whose shops sell white goods and appliances with interest rates of almost 70 per cent. They sector is increasingly dominating some of poorest high streets in the UK. Almost 80 […]


16:53 22/09/2014

This report, toolkit and website,, was commissioned by Churches Together in Britain & Ireland (CTBI). The project used my photography, audio and words, and I worked with a team of web and graphic designers. The project documented the UK’s ‘Good Society’; the thousands of people who are committed to ensure that those on the […]

the british council

14:03 22/09/2014

I have been documenting and photographing the British Council’s Active Citizens programme since 2013. Active Citizens is a civil society leadership training scheme which works with thousands of volunteers, activists and development workers across Europe, Asia and Africa. I have visited training programmes and community development projects in eastern Sudan, Jordan, Pakistan, Serbia, the Outer […]

child’s play

12:43 22/09/2014

A bit of a departure from my normal areas of expertise – but pleased to contribute words and pictures to a new e-book about children’s technology. The piece is about the success of Playtime, a CBeebies app which has been downloaded an enormous 3 million times….

Inspiring Change

17:23 05/08/2014

All too often, when I’ve interviewed ex-offenders, drug addicts and rough sleepers, they seem to be suffering as much from society’s inability to listen to their needs as they do from the consequences of their own actions. So I was excited to learn more about a project – Inspiring Change Manchester – that aims to […]

more from inside housing

17:00 05/08/2014

In between training people and organising events, I’ve also been fitting in some pieces…… a trio from Inside Housing, on housing awards and a new job swap scheme.

stigma stories

15:31 05/08/2014

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a project to train a group of people, all on benefits, to speak out against the stigma of poverty. The idea behind the course, commissioned by Church Action on Poverty and Oxfam, was to create a network of spokespeople who could talk about the reality of […]

after a fashion

21:10 14/04/2014

Latest from Inside Housing – a feature about how and why a Merseyside housing association is funding local apprenticeships. and another – how Greater Manchester housing associations are uniting to fight crime….

ASOS update

20:45 14/04/2014

Following my investigation into exploitative conditions at the Barnsley headquarters of online fashion retailer ASOS here, Unite the union have now launched a campaign to recruit workers at the site. They hope to get forty per cent membership so they can formally open negotiations with ASOS – and achieve better conditions for the warehouse’s hundreds […]

sri lanka

18:36 04/03/2014

In January I visited Colombo, Sri Lanka, to photograph and write about the work of the British Council’s Active Citizens programme – with whom I have previously visited Sudan, Serbia and the Outer Hebrides.