fashion fail

11:42 18/12/2013

ASOS is a huge success story. With over 13 million registered users, the online fashion outlet is set to turn over £1billion by 2015. But my investigation into working conditions at the factory told a very different picture to the glossy, trendy image the company portrays. To read my Big Issue in the North piece, […]

north yorkshire

13:43 19/11/2013

The final piece in my austerity series for the Big Issue in the North – this time, on North Yorkshire. To read the full article, click here.

‘this is a tsunami of need’

20:47 08/11/2013

Nearly three years after I first visited Goldthorpe, and my Big Issue in the North update on how austerity is impacting on the former mining community can be read here. On another note, Eve Robertson, an actress whose father worked in the Cortonwood pit, got in touch. She is planning a series of outdoor theatre […]


17:24 04/11/2013

To read my Big Issue in the North piece about the impact of austerity on Stoke, click here.

‘it’s a constant worry’

22:05 22/10/2013

Some pictures from a recent trip to North Yorkshire for the final piece in my Big Issue in the North series on austerity, to run over the next three weeks. I’ve revisited three areas – the others being Stoke and Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire – for an update on how they have fared since I first […]

you matter

17:23 16/10/2013

Really pleased with progress on the final report for The Good Society – a research project I’ve been working on since 2011. The black and white images look really strong, and fit well with the text. It’s often difficult to envisage whether something will work, but the designers Fieldwork have done a good job. It’s […]

pay day poverty

17:03 16/10/2013

I’ve neglected my blog – for which I can only apologise. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on the ‘Drowning in Debt’ report for Church Action on Poverty (CAP). The report brings together years of research from the charity’s work with sister organisation Thrive, based in Middlesbrough, and the Centre for Responsible […]

sudan images

14:47 29/07/2013

In other news…..all my pieces about the trip to Sudan with the British Council’s Active Citizens programme are gradually being uploaded onto their website. My images have been used for the website and the Active Citizens annual report, as well as an impact report outlining the progression of the Sudan programme. A selection below.

goldthorpe update

13:09 29/07/2013

Again, some more images from the forthcoming series on the impact of austerity for the Big Issue in the North – this time from Goldthorpe. I met Cllr May Noble two and a half years ago to talk about exactly the same issue. Sadly, although time has moved on, Goldthorpe hasn’t. Apart from a very […]

linking learning

12:24 29/07/2013

Spent the day in sunny Norfolk two weeks ago gathering material for a case study for the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme, which supports teacher exchanges between the UK and the developing world. Pictured above are partnership coordinator and St Mary’s Primary teacher Laura Hodgetts, Gambian teacher Mustapha Ceesay, Ugandan teacher Mukasa Kaweesi Mathias, and […]


18:33 18/07/2013

some images from last week’s trip to stoke to find out how cuts are impacting on the city – an update from my visit two and a half years ago. to be used for a piece in the big issue in the north, part of a series on austerity.

harder and harder times

13:32 22/05/2013

Piece from this week’s Big Issue in the North about the sorry case of the closure of Salford’s Narrowgate shelter; a confusion over whether night shelters should receive housing benefits led to a tragic situation where dozens of rough sleepers were left with nowhere to go. Thankfully a public outcry has led to a semi-reprieve […]

sudan’s agenda for change

19:43 14/05/2013

How the British Council aims to empower ordinary people in Sudan – some words from my recent trip to the country to see the work of the Active Citizens programme.

small steps

20:29 13/05/2013

Active Citizens, the British Council programme I’ve been documenting, recently took me to Gedaref and Kassala, in the east of Sudan. There, Active Citizens has been used to train communities on how to design and implement their own ‘social action’ projects. These include tree planting programmes; gas canister rental schemes; renovation of youth centres; installation […]

equal exchange

15:03 03/05/2013

Spent the day photographing and interviewing children and staff at Hambleton Primary School as they welcomed two teachers from Zambia. The event was part of a Connecting Classrooms exchange, run by the British Council to encourage greater cultural awareness and understanding between schools in the UK and the rest of the world. Pictured is Muwa […]

making ends meet

14:34 01/05/2013

Heartened by the comments on my latest piece for the Guardian Northerner about benefits sanctions….click here to read. Another version was also published in the Big Issue in the North.    

serbia stories

13:38 01/05/2013

Some pictures (out of the hundreds taken) from my week spent documenting a group of participants visiting Serbia with the British Council’s Active Citizens leadership scheme in February. This trip was different to the previous months’ visit to the Outer Hebrides; the group were mostly British and Serbian, and all were significantly younger. Many had […]

‘all this shows what can be done if we own our own assets’

16:29 28/03/2013

The Outer Hebrides are three hours by ferry from the Scottish west coast. They undeservedly have a reputation for being bleak and unforgiving; but when I was there in January with the British Council, the weather was cold, but beautifully sunny and still. The many sea lochs dotting the rust-coloured landscape were as still as […]

citizen exchange

15:26 12/03/2013

Some pictures from my week spent with the British Council documenting an Active Citizens event held in Croydon. As well as meeting activists, students, and community development workers from nine countries, I later visited the Outer Hebrides to see the revolution in social enterprise happening in one of the most remote parts of the UK.

a home from home

12:54 01/03/2013

Click here to read my latest piece from Inside Housing – about a beautifully converted former convent in Liverpool turned eco-hostel for homeless families. One of the residents, a single mum-of-three, said the facility gave her confidence as it showed the authorities cared about her future. “It feels like whoever conceived this project has actually […]

old trafford community garden

12:53 22/02/2013

A little late; some pictures from the launch of the Old Trafford Community Garden on January 12th. A brilliant example of a very simple idea that will make a huge difference to a community blighted by fly-tipping. I should know – the garden is situated at the end of the street I used to live […]

other writing

21:54 21/02/2013

I’ve written Manchester A-Z guides for airline magazines; spent a night on the beat in Liverpool to see how their police work for Specials magazine; covered the latest issues in journalism for The Journalist magazine; and written about regeneration in Manchester for Gay Times. I’ve also provided housing content for youth information site The Site, […]

inside housing

20:50 21/02/2013

I have been a freelance contributor to respected social housing weekly Inside Housing since 2010. I have written on subjects as diverse as housing advice for sex workers; tenants’ rights; social enterprise support; tower blocks for the elderly; social housing-funded academies; safety standards, youth exchanges, job swaps, and the protection of the welsh language.

the kibbutz

17:28 21/02/2013

albion high school

11:38 21/02/2013

Teaching four classes of various ages across five weeks, this project worked with Albion High School, Salford, and Curriculum Plus to use journalism to enrich learning. Based on the constraint of conducting a five-minute interview, one group questioned staff across the school community on a number of issues, editing them into audio interviews. Another developed […]

kingsley primary school

15:29 20/02/2013

As part of the Good Society project run by CTBI, I taught a group of 30 Year 5 pupils at Kingsley Primary School, Toxteth, Liverpool in April 2012. The project was designed to help the pupils learn basic journalism skills to enable them to report on what is ‘good’ about Toxteth, thereby overturning some of […]

cravenwood primary school

14:04 20/02/2013

In February 2011, I was commissioned to teach journalism skills to a group of Year 6 pupils at Cravenwood Primary School, in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. The school was being redeveloped, and the idea was to support children to report on their school community and the new building. In addition, the paper was also designed to […]

powered by people UK

17:05 18/01/2013

In August 2012, Church Action on Poverty asked me to produce a short book that would inspire people to start community organising. The document, funded by the Young Foundation’s Building Local Activism programme, featured case studies, photographs and personal testimonies about the impact of community organising from across the UK. Focusing on the work of […]

a fair voice

15:11 16/01/2013