goldthorpe update

July 29, 2013

Again, some more images from the forthcoming series on the impact of austerity for the Big Issue in the North – this time from Goldthorpe.

I met Cllr May Noble two and a half years ago to talk about exactly the same issue. Sadly, although time has moved on, Goldthorpe hasn’t. Apart from a very well-publicised and somewhat tragic mock funeral for Thatcher – for many, a sad way to celebrate this once-proud mining community’s industrial heritage – the town has stood still.

The apathy of increasing deprivation seems to have stopped people from being able to fight back. And although the long boarded-up houses of the town centre are due to be demolished, what replaces them – a new school and supermarket – will be a drop in the ocean compared to the huge job creation and training schemes the area needs.

The only growth industry is the foodbank.