Teaching four classes of various ages across five weeks, this project worked with Albion High School, Salford, and Curriculum Plus to use journalism to enrich learning.

Based on the constraint of conducting a five-minute interview, one group questioned staff across the school community on a number of issues, editing them into audio interviews.

Another developed review skills, using the film Kes to broaden their understanding of what films can and should be.

One group wrote news articles based on the John Steinbeck novel ‘Of Mice and Men’, using their position as journalists to understand the contemporary issues of the time; another produced feature articles and vox pops on a variety of subjects, from building a spaceship to the presence of CCTV in the school.

“Our all boys group have benefited massively. For lads who have been in Salford, in several cases, for less than a year to feel confident enough to conduct and record interviews with key professionals in our school and to take photographs too is a big achievement. I have watched them grow in stature.” Lee Reid, Head of English, Albion High

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