As part of the Good Society project run by CTBI, I taught a group of 30 Year 5 pupils at Kingsley Primary School, Toxteth, Liverpool in April 2012.

The project was designed to help the pupils learn basic journalism skills to enable them to report on what is ‘good’ about Toxteth, thereby overturning some of the negative stereotypes about their neighbourhood.

They visited a local allotment project, Growing Granby, and learned about the geographical history of the area.

The went to the local Unity Youth Club, and saw the free activities they provide for local children. They also visited Granby Care Home, and met Maria, who helped change some of their perceptions around old people.In addition, they interviewed each other about what is good – and what needs to change – in Toxteth.

Their work was gathered into a newspaper, the Kingsley Kanga News. To download a copy of the paper, click here

“Thank you ever so much for coming to my school. I had so much fun! I hope you can come in again and see us soon I really had fun interviewing people. I hope you have also missed me and my class. That was the most fun week of my life when you came to see us. Keep up the good journalism. And what I most liked was listening to quotes, because the quotes nearly made me cry.” Hannan Mussa Husayn, 11

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