In June 2011, Creative Partnerships asked me to create an online radio station with a group of 14 Year 10 pupils at Manchester Health Academy, Wythenshawe.

Workshops focused on learning interview and note-taking skills, whilst becoming familiar with the recording equipment.

We also identified a number of issues of importance to the area. These included the regeneration of Wythenshawe Town centre, and the recent vandalism of the local Horticultural Gardens.

The students met Paul Goggins, the local MP, interviewing him in his office. A local youth forum gave them a guided tour of the gardens, and explained how they were cleaning up the damage.

Students discovered what life is life for local market traders. We visited the United Estates of Wythenshawe community gym, interviewing the owner about how he is tackling gang-related crime in the area.

Other pieces featured Benchill Community Centre, who have helped turn round a crime-ridden estate, and the transformation of a community woodland.

The end of the six-week course concluded with a trip to the Manchester Evening News, where the students interviewed journalists to find out how a real newsroom works.

Students pieces were uploaded to create an online radio station, Radio MHA.

  • with paul goggins, MP for wythenshawe and sale east
  • interviewing brenda grixti, benchill community centre
  • sensory room, benchill community centre
  • with wythenshawe youth forum in the botanic gardens
  • interviewing eamonn o
  • after a tour of the manchester evening news
  • shoppers, wythenshawe precinct
  • end of the day editing
  • group shot of united estates of wythenshawe gym owner greg davies and friends
  • body builder, united estates of wythenshawe gym
  • editing audio
  • the princes spinney wood
  • tex barlow, woodsman, the princes spinney wood
  • with paul goggins MP
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