Creative Partnerships asked myself and film-maker Will Aldersley to develop documentary and interview skills with AS-level students at Stockport School.

Students took a walking tour of Offerton, and a film documented the day. The group also attended a local forum, interviewing residents and and capturing their views on how the area could be improved.

Following some workshops, the students presented their ideas to the community, who were very happy with the results.

Based on the three priorities of increasing pride, changing perceptions, and creating solidarity, the students collaborated with the community to create a film featuring both young and old residents.

They created posters, badges, and sandwich boards filled with slogans celebrating the area, while increasing awareness of the neighbourhood plan. The materials were distributed to the community at an allotment open day. They have since been used during the re-opening of the local community centre.

Stockport Council now hope to continue their collaboration with the school.

“We were really impressed with the level of understanding and insight that the young people demonstrated and their grasp of the issues and how these translated into the projects they presented. The level of creativity and enthusiasm was clearly evident, and each group had worked hard to come up with something different and unique to offer the Offerton Community.” Catriona Duncan-Rees, Stronger Officer Offerton Neighbourhood Management Board, Stockport Council

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