I have worked as a freelance reporter for the Guardian, covering the North of England.

I reported on the August 2011 riots in Salford, Manchester and Liverpool, subsequently reporting on riot-related court cases. I have also covered general news shifts, travelling from Stoke to Yorkshire.

I was also a senior researcher in the Guardian and London School of Economics Reading the Riots research project, established in the wake of the riots to understand the causes of the disorder.

Visiting Bristol, Liverpool, Salford and Manchester, I gathered first-hand accounts of the riots from those involved, as well as victims, community workers, businesses, politicians, solicitors, youth workers, and probation officers.

The research was published as a series of features, articles, and case studies in the newspaper and online.

It helped formed the basis of a wide-ranging research study by the London School of Economics.

Visit www.guardian.co.uk/readingtheriots or http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/helen-clifton to read more.

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